Hezi Gildor - Group

  • Post-doc - Aya Hozumi

  • Ph.D. students:
    Hadar Berman
    Israela Musani - co-advise with Boaz Luz
    Tal Ozer - co-advise with Barak Herut

  • M.Sc. students
    Nir Haim

  • Former Postdocs - Jack Silverman, Michael Siccha, Avi Gozolchiani  (co-advise with Yossi Ashkenazy)

  • Former M.Sc.

     Alon Shepon, thesis title: Investigating the Lightning-Biota Climatic Feedback.
          Eli Biton, thesis title: The Red Sea during the LGM.
          Rotem Bar-Or, thesis title: Investigating the role of dust in glacial-interglacial cycles using a numerical climate model, co-advised with Caryn Erlich.

          Ilit Shlezak, thesis title: The Effect of Sea Ice on the High-Latitude Hydrological Cycle during the Last Glacial Maximum.

          Rotem Aharon, thesis title:  Surface mixing induced by simple three dimensional flows, co-advise with Vered Rom-Kedar.
          Hila Afargan, thesis title: The role of the wind in the formation of coherent eddies in the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba.

          Ront Lahav,
thesis title: An intercomparison of Acoustic-based Current Meters.
  • Former Ph.D.
       Eli Biton, thesis title: The general circulation and hydrography in the Gulf of Eilat

       Dan Carlson, thesis title: Tides, internal waves, and mixing in the northern Gulf of Eilat

       Yael Amita,
    thesis title: Eastern Mediterranean Thermohaline Circulation Variability, co-advise with Yossi Ashkenazy